Astrology is self-realization subject. Signs, Stars, Planets are always indicators to understand flow the life graph. I just given multiple examples to approach properly in layman terms. This video helps to understand judging the dasha periods & understanding the planets behavior. How better we can interpret the characteristics of humans. Today we are discussing about the planets. By today we have got eligibility to speak on this. First I will explain agenda of the topic, Why we are going to discuss on this topic. They are 4 or 5 important points about it. It would be base topic for planets. Don’t think too much astronomically. I am taking illusionary examples to understand better. I do frequently consider signs, stars, planets as land, road, vehicles. In generally regular road is not comfortable to every vehicles. As per my example land, road are fixed generally. Vehicles are always moving ones and it can travel front or back generally. Astrologically, every planet has influence over every aspect of your life, on the basis of their position in the birth chart. Depending upon the malefic or benefic nature of the planet, and its position, and whether or not it has conjunction, is combust, exalted, debilitated or placed in wrong house or wrong sign or conjunct with wrong planet etc. influences the aspects governed by the planet. Check it out in the internet, from a trustworthy site and never from a false astrologer. It too has various strict laws governing the predictions and observations, often written thousands of years ago. It requiring minute and elaborate calculations, which is not anybody’s cup of tea. A slight mistake in the calculations, and everything will be wrong. Only a wise person can give the right observation. How do planets affect the human behavior & events of life ? – Introduction to the planets Disclaimer : Believe in Astrology or not – is one’s personal choice !!
Introduction to the Planets
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