Auspicious Muhurthas

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We follow Vedic, Western, KP astrological systems. We filter Muhurtha exactly suits for more fructification. Western aspects helps to perform things smoothly. We consider KP Astrology significance as well for Selecting good Muhurtha.


1. Purpose of Muhurta

Share your auspicious muhurtha purpose. upanayana muhurtha, vivah muhurtha, garbhadhan muhurtha, annaprashan muhurtha, aksharabhyasam muhurtha, shubh muhurtha for cesarean, griha pravesh, vehicle purchase, property purchase , travel muhurtha.

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2. Share Birth Details.

We strongly believe not only tara balam (based on moon star) is not sufficient to decide muhurtha. If you share birth details based on that we prepare possible auspicious muhurta for you.

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3. Give the time range.

For example you are expecting muhurta in a month 10th to 25th etc. please share your range some time you look to block the banquet hall etc. Even you can share specified time range also based ref we work.

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After completion we deliver the muhurtha. If that not suits, you can additionally ask for one more. But please understand Muhurtha making is not a easy thing. You must compromise something for it. If you strongly wants to follow any other date you can share it with us we will verify it for you. If we could not able to find the any muhurta in given range we don’t make any other wrong muhurtha just to satisfy You.

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Looking for marriage compatibility, career guidance, love or relationships, muhurthas, fertility, govt jobs , abroad career…etc

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Share birth details & questions. Name, date, time, place & 2-3 significant life events (marriage or abroad fly).

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We will take 6-7 days to prepare and analyze horoscope. once ready It will be scheduled 1 hr telephonic session.

Customer Speaks

I felt very happy with the conversation with Vinod Sir.
He told me such a fantastic things which was happend in the past.
and told me about my future and have experienced very good and happy.

I prefer this site for your querries and problem in your life.
And gave me a Quick responce and grate remedies.

Thank you rahasya vedic astrology.

If anyone is anxious in knowing your horoscope, through KP System, i strongly recommend Mr. Vinod as one step solution.

Vinayaka Graphics

I have been searching for an astrologer who can rectify my Time of Birth for the past 6-7 Years .I have approached many astrologers but they are not confident .
But at RVA Astrologers it has a got Rectified and the way of calculating is very good .
I am very Thankful to Mr Vinod who has rectified my Date of Birth with Exact time.

Shravan Murari

Hello Guys,

My self Ramprasad and a MD of software company hyderabad,

I have pretty much intrest in astrology , i have been to so many astrologers in india as well many around the globe.

Truly and honestly i can say that Vinodh Ji is best out of all.
the best thing with him is he is expert in vedic, western and KP astrology.
i have seen most of the astrologer either they know Vedic or western.

he gives more accurate predictions by using methods of vedic ,western and KP.

he is not so called money minded astrolger.

i know him from past 1 year.

i have many great experiences with him., let me give an example:

he said to my sister that she gets match fixed in April 2016 and it happened same. she got match fixed on arpil 21st 2016 and got married in august.

he did the compatibility for my sister marriage and whatever words he said about their relationship same is happening.

even though i know so many astrolgers finally i came back to him and stick with him.

he is an expert in share market predictions.
he is very simple nature person and he behaves very normal with client.

he don’t suggest any stones or rudraksha or anything like that.

he believe in doing puja to required planets. that to he ask us to do puja.

Ramprasad vuppala
E Data Software, India

Hi all ! I strongly recommend to avail RVA services , best and accurate suggestions and guidance based on our events .
I never believed in astrology but due to some issue i had contacted Mr Vinod Garu and i asked one question to him why i should i believe you i thought he would convince me saying lot about him but to my surprise he had explained about what astrology involves and so on , finally i had got trust myself and availed his service . I am really fortunate to had connect with Vinod garu … Thanks

Susheel Kumar

This is the Best Astrology in Hyderabad, Very calculative about his predictions and explained very patiently. I Felt 90% accurate about past predictions he told about me. He is not at all commercial, and do not exploit the situation. He will explain each and every aspect questioned by us. I definitely recommend him before approaching others.

Murali Prabhu
Store Manger, USA

I have contacted an expert from Rahasya Vedic Astrology(Name: Vinod) and I am satisfied with the service. Please find my analysis below:

Positive points:
1. He does very indepth analysis of your horoscope and gives results based on that.
2. Very patient in answering all your questions.
3. In majority of my problem cases he suggested very simple solutions like trying to satisfy one or the other planets through your own sources. He doesn’t recommend any homas etc.(Unless you ask for it).

Negative points:
1. Bit expensive, but you will be very much satisfied with the analysis he does and suggestions he gives.
2. Sometimes hesitates to tell negatives in a horoscope, but if you are open minded and willing to listen to any point, you will get better suggestions from him.

Srupen T

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