Marriage Matching Horoscope & Compatibility

Marriage Matching Horoscope

Marriage Matching Horoscope & Marriage Compatibility checking is process need to be done step by step. People normally follow the marriage compatibility 36 gunas normally if the match is scored more than 18 points we do normally finalize as a preferred good match compatibility. Using our advanced marriage compatibility go in depth of research the bride & groom’s horoscopes using multiple systems of astrology (Western Astrology, Vedic Astrology, K.P Astrology) We verify the horoscopes when the negotiations of marriage is going be success as well as when the marriage is going be performed & marriage time on both the charts & marital life too.

Marriages are made in heaven

As of tradition. Bharath Desh is karmic country we do follow the karma siddhantam & everyone know about it. Even about marriage we do check & verify the family background of bride or groom for marriage for a better parampara. In Hindu Astrology or Western Astrology there are many techniques to predict effective marital life to live happy family married life together forever.

The exact purpose of the marriage would be there is a good sloka in Sanskrit about wife and marriage by Nitisara

6 Noble Virtues of an Ideal Wife

    • Karyeshu Dasi – In every work / profession the wife / husband should be supportive
    • Karaneshu Mantri – Wise suggestions & exchanging of views each other properly.
    • Bhojeshu Mata – Excellent home maker to manage sweet home & food.
    • Rupeshu Lakshmi – Good looking to husband
    • Kshamaya Dharitri – Should be very patient
    • Shayaneshu Rambha – Good marital life with husband & bed comforts

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Western Astrology Horoscope Matching

We do follow the western astrology horoscope matching & Vedic astrology for compatibility, In addition we do verify the kuja dosha, sarpa dosha, kala sarpa dosha, pitra dosha, and the cancelations of yog banga of doshas report. Suggest you the remedies. As well as predicting marriage time of both bride and groom.

How exactly compatible like above sloka. How the great aspect on both charts as well the combination of both how it’s fruitful we signify as per astrology. Which show the reality of marital life very genuinely.

  1. Karyeshu Dasi & Bhojeshu Mata – Good aspects at Saturn & moon at Bride & Grooms charts
  2. Karaneshu Mantri – Mercury & Jupiter, Sun, Moon aspects at both horoscopes
  3. Rupeshu Lakshmi & Shayaneshu Rambha – Mars & Venus for lifelong affection
  4. Kshamaya Dharitri – Jupiter & Saturn – good aspects.

Astrology in the aspect of love marriage horoscope analysis is a simple route map, can guide you in right path with love marriage astrology predictions & remedies and help you a lot.

Love and sharing are the most ancient aspects that are concerned for only humans. Teenage love affects the whole life, in a positive way, matured age of love leads to marriage in combining both the families. But love marriage is very difficult to make arrangements to get together both the families.

Venus is the planet lord of joy, love, sex, marriage, life partner etc. Marriage is major part of life. The partner supports your success. But some problems lead to breakup love intentionally or situational. Using the Vedic astrologic remedies we can rectify or clarify the problem.

Frequently Asked Question

01. When marriage will happen and to whom?

When will I get married common question to everyone who are ready for marriage? In some one’s life change of delay of marriage is there we do predict the time of marriage using our multiple systems of astrology like K.P Astrology, Vedic Astrology & Western Astrology. So there is good success rate of prediction using the verifying the event with multiple systems and predicting it.

02. About my marriage & post marital life, when will my marriage?

We do normally predict marriage using astrology. Many of people fear about post martial life how would be. Normally our advanced marriage compatibility service will help to have a fruitful compatibility suggestion will lead to good post marital life as well as we do predict from individual horoscopes to make your understand yourself.

03. When I will get marriage & time of marriage prediction?

Using the K.P (Krishna Murthy Paddhati) Astrology & Ruling Planets Theory will help to predict the transit dates of marriage which is really exiting predictions.

04. In Which direction we can try for marriage negotiations?

Every planet & sign have its own directions by default. Using the K.P Ruling Planets & Marriage is going to take care of multiple planets who is helping to success your negotiations based on that we try to suggest you some extend.

05. Will my love come back to me & will my love marriage get success?

In Astrology 2,5,7,9,11 Bhavas normally reason for the successful love marriage and combining of the both charts & love failure verification of the horoscope. We can predict is there any chance of love marriage & conjugal life will be successful or not.

06. How many kids will I have?

We do predict based on the both horoscopes after marriage as well as will you birth for baby boy or baby girl at the current dasha or period how it’s exactly signifying it.

07. No date of birth marriage matching & predicting marriage?

Yes, we can able to predict the marriage using K.P Horary Astrology. It also have specified rule to follow to ask the question to astrologers to give accurate predictions. It will works 100% perfectly.

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