Western astrologers give more preference to 10th house. Planets being near 10th house or any aspect formed with 10th house going to give results based on aspect type.

Western aspects in astrology considered based on angle (distance) between two planets. There are few important terms regarding western aspects called as Approaching (Planet trying to reach the other planet), Cusp (Planet well aspected perfectly), and Reliving (Planet relieving from other planet.)

Approaching aspects will start giving the results in life.

Cusp position of planet will give exact result it can be positive or negative depends on aspect type.

Reliving aspect will continue the past result but not much stronger.

Explaining major aspects only. I don’t give much preference to other minor aspects.

Major Aspects 1.1 Conjunction – 0 Degrees – Natural Benefices conjunction is fine. But problem with malefic 1.2 Sextile – 60 degrees – Good 1.3 Square – 90 degrees – Bad 1.4 Trine – 120 degrees – Good & Great 1.5 Opposition – 180 degrees – Very Bad

In Vedic astrology generally every planet will aspect 7th house from where the planet is posited, but there is no exact specification on entire 30 degrees of the sign. Mars (4, 8), Jupiter (5, 9), Saturn (3, 10) have additional aspects. But here in western astrology, aspects will be considered based on the angle between two planets.

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