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After the marriage most common situation to women is, she wants to blessed with children. Sometimes medical or other reasons delay it . Astrology can answer what period is favorable for conception & childbirth.


1. Horary Astrology

When you worried much or your intensity is high to know about it. You can call to astrologer directly. We will ask you to give a random number below 249. Based on current planets position we prepare and predict it.

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2. Horoscope Reading & Past Verification

We verify birth time using astrological techniques & few of past events (important job or marriage). It will help to understand how your birth details accurately matching with our predictions. Especially children delay mostly because of gynaecological issues or sperm count issues.

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3. Estimating Conception Time

As per KP horary astrology & birth charts (husband & wife ) of both signifying positive for children birth. If predictions are positive. We predict child birth then we also suggest 9 months before we set multiple time zones for conception too.

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Quick Questions

1. When will I blessed with child?

2. Who will get custody of child?

3. Will I have normal conception or I will have to go for IVF?

4. Shall we adopt a child?

Customer Speaks

He is very accurate and on to the point. He will make sure all your questions are answered and upto your satisfaction and is totally friendly. He was able to tell things whom I didnt share with anybody so far. I think he is blessed with godly powers to be so correct. Thanks Vinod.

A Kumar

It was an Amazing Experience !! Have received accurate predictions about past & looking forward for the future Prediction to come true, I sincerely recommend Astrologer Vinodji for everyone looking for Astrological Solutions & Advice. Vinodji is very friendly, He provides logical analysis & solutions.
Rahasya Vedic Astrologers – Keep up the Good Work & Best Regard

Praphul Kumar

Just want to share my experience about Mr. Vinod. My wife was having a medical emergency during her pregnancy and she was in very critical condition. Doctors have given us 50-50 chance. When I approached him, he confidently said that it would last the condition for about 3-4 weeks and then the delivery would be definitely “cesarean ” but not normal and both mother and baby would be absolutely fine. After exactly 24 days we had a healthy baby. Everyone where so happy after going through such a hard phase. Thanks once again VINOD!!!

Harish Pandurala
Tech Mahindra, India

It’s very happy to say that what Mr. Vinod has given time for my child astrology was absolute heart touching in my baby girl prashansa. We were happy that we got Laxmi to our home. Thank you. Mr. Vinod.

Prakash Kumar
Physiotherapist, India

I strongly recommend everyone to follow up with vinodh sir. He covers every aspect in astrology and makes it easy for everybody to interpret and learn. I am delighted to get someone who cleared my dilemmas and became the guiding light from past phase to present timeline and navigating towards the journey to future. Marvellous experience it was.

Pratik Mahapatra

I have suffering for transfer and lot of tensions .That time i approach RVA. asked regarding my transfer. They told me you will trnasfer with 1 month to your home town,
that was really happens in 25 days .

thanks for RVA.

Sravan Kumar
Manapuram Gold

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