Gemstone Remedies

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Today the importance has been increasing rapidly for gem stones. Still to what extents are they useful to the mankind, a million dollar question? Not using of gems in a proper way, proper time goes in vain.

Gemstones are called in telugu language as navaratna or navaratnalu. Yes gemstones are bright full & transparent stones with some colours. As per vedic astrology those colours defer and depends on planets. On earth we can see sun rays, moon rays, but we never know that Jupiter rays will also pass through earth. These planet rays will pass the cosmic energy. This cosmic energy is so powerful to human body to cure many of diseases. Today gemstone therapy also gives good results for health.

Gemstone rays on the body, as per vedic astrology if we wear proper one, these help to change our thoughts in a positive way to achieve things with double strength.

Process of selecting & implementation of gemstones

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Important Characteristics of gems

1) Transparent
2) Cracks, Dots & Damage
3) Shinning & illuminous
4) Proper weight
5) Certified by gemmologists
6) Weight suggested by astrologer depends on planet

Sleep with gemstone:

We do normally buy the gem stone and wear it. But it will not really show accurate results. For that, first we have to the take store as per above characteristics and need to put the suggested stone under your sleeping pillow at the time of sleep for 3 days. If you don’t get feared or bad dreams then you can proceed for next step.


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Strengthening of Gemstone:

For this we have to select good auspicious (muhurtham) time and implement all these things.
1) Prana Pratista
2) Rudrabhishekam
3) Graha Japam
4) Anna Daanam