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It can be job or business anything we can analyse the career graph accurately. We follow multiple astrological methods (Vedic, Western, KP). We focus to read how it would be for next 5 years.


1. Horoscope Reading & Past Events.

We do verify birth time using astrological techniques & few of past events (important job or marriage). It will help to understand how your birth details accurately matching with our predictions. In addition we do give other past predictions too. That make you confidence on the subject & astrologer.

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2. Questions & Future Predictions.

Current situation some times change of job dilemma , moving to other country, government job or job less situation etc. We can help you to read your horoscope understand how current situation is Good/Bad will guide you accordingly.

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3. Horary Astrology (KP Prashna)

Some of situations required to know minute level of predictions like this month will I get job or not ?, When you worried much or your intensity is high to know about it. You can call to astrologer directly. We ask to give a Random number below 249. Based on current planets position we prepare and predict.

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Quick Questions

1. When will I get new job?
2. When will I be transferred to my hometown?
3. When will I get job?
4. Whether new job will be better for me?

9. Does partnership suits me or not?
10. When will I get job in overseas? Will it be beneficial?
11. Will I get govt. job?
12. Will I become an IAS/ IRS/IPS officer?

5. When I will be promoted or any chances of promotion?
6. Shall I do business or job?
7. My business is not running well, what should I do?
8. Whether transfer to another department/ place will be beneficial for me?

13. When my business will run smoothly?
14. Will this project or venture or business give good return?
15. Business or Job which is profitable to me ?

Customer Speaks

It was an Amazing Experience !! Have received mind boggling predictions about past & looking forward for the Future Prediction to come true, I sincerely recommend Astrologer Mr.Vinod for everyone looking for Astrological Solutions & Advice. Mr.Vinod is very friendly, He provides logical analysis & solutions.
Rahasya Vedic Astrologers – Keep up the Good Work & Best Regards.


Really its fantastic. Vinod – the discussion which we have today till rolling out in my thoughts. You predicted my character, past very well. 100% correct. I thing my future also should comes in true. Thanks Vinod. You are amazing !!

Mukesh Kanna
SAP Consultant

I had a wonderful experience with Rahasya Vedic Astrology. I had a very detailed insight into my life, health, siblings, remedies and the detailed career consultation depicting which career path I will choose in this life time. I strongly feel that God has created this opportunity for me to get in touch with Vinod sir for this consultation. I am happy and hope this good relationship continues. God bless

Ajay Sanjith
Own Business

Really happy with the predictions and suggestions provided you Mr Vinod. hope your suggestions and remedies help me in my future life thanks for everything.

Kumar Sambhaw

Guruji was very good in his predictions. Whatever he said about my past was very accurate. He has given me a lot of advice to follow in the future. Thanks guruji.

Sashank Thapa
Real Estate Investor

I am feeling happy found best astrologer in bangalore. He corrected my birth time. Every past event matched. Felt surprised and predicted my horoscope about my business. Thank you

Rama Krishna
Maha lakh mi glass & plywood

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