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Career Horoscope


Indian Vedic Astrology is god’s gift to world. Vedic Astrology will allow to predicting our future in every aspect maximum. Career & Money is more important to feed the life.

Astrology Career Horoscope will predict from Rajya Stana 10th House (From lagna, Moon, Sun we do consider). Astrology means permutations and combination of planets & their strengths. Depends on planet positions, characteristics & the art of chart indicates your career opportunities.

Career Astrology Prediction

Using Indian Vedic astrology by date of birth, time of birth and place of birth. We can generate your career horoscope for 2016 or next 25 years also. Basically in astrology we do find the great combinations & Raj Yogas, Dhana Yogas will helps to lead a government job or profitable business. Even we can predict whether it will be into Banking, Civils, Groups, and Army, Air force, Navy or any other reputed & respected position. Even in private jobs like Information Technology, Management, Banks, Communication Industry, Abroad Processing’s etc.

Frequently Asked Question

01. Where is my Professional Life is headed?

Professional / Career can be able to predict from 10th House or 10th house lord as per astrology using career horoscope predictions.

02. Will I get a government job in my life?

Most of people in India do expect a government job for job security. When in your horoscope the favorable plants to the government are strong. You will be settling in the government sector you will also enjoy the stable & fruitful life. You can ask us regarding your horoscope chart with date of birth details.

03. When A raise or promotion in career?

Promotion can be considerable in 2 parts like raise in salary or position wise. These people expects based on their skills, experience etc. Based on Vedic Astrology Career predictions based your date of birth it’s possible.

04. Thinking to switching career / job?

We saw many times at many people’s life. They might efficient in multiple professions or changing job. Sometimes job change really changes a fate of life. Yes using Vedic astrology we can predict location / changing of job etc.

05. When will I get Job?

Yes, this is most popular & frequent question in the mind of youngsters and who are new to life. Everyone does have qualities which make them to do some corner of job. When you are going in a boat without road map if you find a sample road map you can understand the route. The same way astrology indicates regarding your career.

06. Will I have to do business or job?

Vedic astrology it will conclude regarding your dilemma regarding job or business is most suitable to you.

07. Will I go to abroad for job or business?

Yes, we seen thousands of horoscope they do go abroad to do profession or business. Something they will have connection to generate business & opportunity to gain revenue from aboard. That also can be possible with vedic astrology.

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